Wellesley Varsity Athletics 2018-19 Preseason Information

Wellesley Varsity Athletics 2018-19 Preseason Information

Wellesley College Athletics varsity sports preseason information about move-in/return dates and schedules are listed below. Please review the information as it pertains to move-in/return dates, housing, athletic training, sports information, meals, and required meetings. The following information is for ALL student-athletes.

Additional information for parents and guardians can be found on the Parent Resources page of our website. 

Athletic Training

All medical forms should be completed online. The athletic training staff has contacted all student-athletes directly via Wellesley email with instructions on how to access the system and submit information online.

Medical information for all preseason teams should have been submitted by the July 1, 2018 deadline, this includes a scanned copy of your health insurance card (if you have the school insurance you will not have your card yet, so you will be exempt from this at this time).

If you have not received an email, or have other questions regarding the process, please contact Tim Snyder, Assistant Athletic Trainer, at tsnyder@wellesley.edu or 781-283-2388. For more information, view the Sports Medicine page of our website.

Sports Information

All NEW (first year and transfer) student-athletes should fill out the Sports Information Bio Form. This information is important to ensure accuracy on the athletics website and in press releases. Any returning student-athlete wishing to update their bio should also complete the form.

2018-19 rosters will not be posted until all student-athletes on each team have a form on file. Head shots for the website will be taken in conjunction with team uniform fittings.

Click Here To Complete the Sports Information Bio Form

Sport Specific Return Dates/Schedules

Click your sport for more information. If you have any other questions about preseason or the transition to college athletics, please contact your student-athlete's head coach or Lauren HaynieSenior Associate Athletic Director, at lhaynie@wellesley.edu or 781-283-2017.