Blue Crew Races Strong on Lake Quinsigamond

Blue Crew Races Strong on Lake Quinsigamond

WORCESTER, Mass. -- The Wellesley College crew team made it's 2012 New England debut with four races on Worcester's Lake Quinsigamond on Sunday morning. The Blue battled crews from Bates, Trinity, Holy Cross, Rochester and WPI at the event.

In the varsity eight race, Wellesley finished third in a tight field. Bates crossed first in 7:13.4, followed by Trinity (7:19.0) and Wellesley (7:20.0).  The Blue bested boats from Holy Cross (7:20.05), Rochester (7:37.8) and WPI (7:42.0).

In the second varsity eight race, the Blue took fourth out of six boats. Holy Cross finished first (7:31.6), followed by Bates (7:38.1), Trinity (7:39.9), Wellesley (7:44.8), WPI (7:46.7) and Rochester (8:11.0).

Wellesley also took fourth in the varsity four race. Bates won the race in 8:20.0, followed by Holy Cross (8:38.1), Trinity (8:57.6), Wellesley (9:02.10), and WPI (9:54.4). 

Finally, Wellesley's novice crew finished second in its race, finishing behind only Bates (7:05.06) in a shortened race. The Blue recorded a time of 7:20.0, defeating Trinity (7:24.0), WPI (7:45.6), Rochester (7:50.0), and Holy Cross (7:59.0). 

Blue crew is back in action on Saturday, April 14th taking on Tufts, Bates and Wesleyan on the Malden River. 



C- Aidan Chambers
8- Jennifer Lamy
7- Kathryn Goffin
6- Jessica Frey
5- Taylor Black
4- Senta Knuth
3- Kathryn Seminario
2- Patty Suquilanda
1- Ali Pierson
C- Emma Kaufman
8- Shernaz Dossabhoy
7- Emily Cetlin
6- Rachel Coogan
5- Paige Miranda
4- Sydney Dollmeyer
3- Maggie West
2- Conisha Cooper
1- Tess Ruderman 

C- Susan Laves
4- Maggie McConnell
3- Erika Liu
2- Carly Abarbanel
1- Valerie Soon



C- Claire Tam