Wellesley Athletics Unveils “Chip Case Kickoff Event”

Wellesley Athletics Unveils “Chip Case Kickoff Event”

WELLESLEY, Mass. – Passion. Dedication. Enthusiasm. Blue Pride.  These are all phrases that one can use to describe a Wellesley College student-athlete. However, there is another person in the Wellesley College family that embodies these phrases: Professor Emeritus Karl "Chip" Case. In order to promote the opening of the Athletics season with the same passion, dedication, enthusiasm and blue pride that Case showed for all of our teams, the Blue have announced that one event each fall season will be dubbed the "Chip Case Kickoff."

The inaugural Chip Case Kickoff event will take place on Saturday, September 3rd at the Wellesley volleyball team's tri-match against Endicott and Keene State. The Blue will open the day with an 11:00am match against the Gulls, and then return to the court at 3:00pm to play the Owls. Between the second and third set of the 3:00pm match, a short intermission will be used to honor Case and unveil the banner that will follow the rotating event each year.

In partnership with the First-Year Dean's Office, the Blue will offer free t-shirts to the first 30 members of the Class of 2015 at each match. Other giveaways are also planned.

A staunch supporter of the Blue, Case has always been a campus-wide advocate for Athletics at Wellesley. His professional understanding of the student-athlete recruitment process and the economics of financing a Wellesley education have helped countless Wellesley coaches bring in talented athletes. In 2010, Friends of Wellesley College Athletics honored him with the Linda K. Vaughan Award for Exceptional Service. The award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated relentless passion in support of Wellesley's accomplishments in recreational and competitive athletics.

Chip Case taught in the Wellesley College Economics department for over 30 years before his retirement in 2009. He is also a founding partner in the real estate research firm of Fiserv Case Shiller Weiss, Inc. and serves as a member of the Boards of Directors of the Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC) and the Depositors Insurance Fund of Massachusetts.  He is a member of the Standard and Poors Index Advisory Committee, the Academic Advisory Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Board of Advisors of the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston at Harvard University.

What the coaches say about Chip Case:

"Chip deserves a PERA lifetime achievement award for being the No.1 faculty supporter of Wellesley athletics over the last three decades.  He has been a great asset in athletic recruiting; helping persuade many a hesitant prospective student that Wellesley is the best of all possible colleges.  Nobody could state a better case for attending Wellesley than Chip.  And he certainly hasn't lost his touch: he phoned me from a Wellesley reception in Ohio last winter, just to make sure I was aware of a running prospect he had just met (and who was seated at his table as he spoke).  She turned out to be my top recruit of the year, and she's in the Wellesley Class of 2015!" – John Babington, Head Cross Country/Track Coach

"Chip Case is beloved by Wellesley squash.  Chip has been an advocate of the squash program throughout his years here at Wellesley, both as a supporter of the program, as well as a player.  He spent many an hour playing against team members as well as watching and cheering them through their matches.   Chip still plays occasionally, and last year became an honorary Wellesley Squash Alumnae player at Homecoming, and we hope he will continue to appear at this event for many years to come."  – Wendy Berry, Head Squash Coach

"For all of my time at Wellesley, Chip has always on the side lines cheering!  If he is out of town for a home event, every one notices that "something is missing", that something being Chip's voice in the stands.  He has always been willing to meet with a recruit to talk about the outstanding value of a Wellesley education.  He always has that extra fact or reason to answer  "why Wellesley".  For years he has been a large part of what makes up a Wellesley College athletic experience!" – Bonnie Dix, Head Swimming & Diving Coach

"Chip is one of the reasons I chose to come to Wellesley. Meeting a faculty member so enthusiastic and supportive of athletics got me excited about this great community. After meeting him, I never looked back!" – Jennifer Kroll, Head Basketball Coach

"Chip has a passion and level of dedication not just to our sport, tennis, but to all athletic teams and their student athletes. He is just about the only spectator I'll allow our players to take a break from practice to talk to. His enthusiasm is unparalleled." – Brian Kuscher, Head Tennis Coach

"Chip Case is refreshingly candid, optimistic and he is always willing to go the extra mile to advocate for our teams.  Most, if not all, of our student-athletes have been impacted by Chip's investment in Athletics, whether they know it or not.  Our community at large has been shaped by the outward support and leadership of a Wellesley Legend, Chip Case.  His legacy will live on forever." – Tony Mohammed, Head Soccer Coach

"Since my arrival in 2005, Chip Case has not only been an advocate for the softball program but all of the Varsity Sport Teams. You will see Chip on the sidelines, the courtside, the pool, and the golf course cheering for the Student Athletes and always supporting our programs. His commitment and dedication to the athletic department, the student athletes and the recruiting process are greatly appreciated by all! Although now retired we know we will still see Chip at athletic events where he still knows every athletes name, the teams record and all of the highlights! Thank you for all you do Chip!" – Keri O'Meara, Head Softball Coach

"Chip Case has been the ultimate fan and faithful supporter of Wellesley College Athletics. He truly believes in the Division lll philosophy with its fundamental balance between competitive athletics and rigorous academics, and he loves Wellesley College and everything that a small, elite, all-women's school can offer bright, motivated young women. These passions have made him the perfect spokesperson, recruiter, and beloved friend of Wellesley College Athletics." – Dorothy Webb, Head Volleyball Coach